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Enhance your Android experience with 'Google Handwriting Input'

Note: This post is useful only for users with Android devices having touchscreen.

Many of us use Android devices like mobile handsets and tabs, and when we require to write something using these Android devices we usually key-in text by typing the characters using different type of keyboards and Input methods. But using these methods to key-in characters is very inconvenient and many times time consuming :( .

That's why Google has come up with some innovative ways of putting characters in Android devices without typing the characters. Google has introduced Voice Input a long back, but using Voice Input is not feasible in noisy environment and sometimes it also looks awkward speaking without touching the device to ear. So here is a useful utility Google has introduced recently. It is 'Google Handwriting Input'. Using this utility you can write the text you want to key-in in Android device using the touch screen of the Android device. This handwritten text will be automatically converted into characters by Google Handwriting Input utility. Google Handwriting Input supports 82 languages in 20 distinct scripts, and works with both printed and cursive writing input with or without a stylus. Beyond text input, Google Handwriting Input also provides a fun way to enter hundreds of emojis by drawing them (simply press and hold the ‘enter’ button to switch modes). Google Handwriting Input works with or without an Internet connection.

So here is how to use Google Handwriting Input utility in your Android devices.

1. Download Google Handwriting Input from the Play Store.

2. Using the Google Handwriting Input icon set the languages you want to use with Google Handwriting Input utility and download the respective language packs.

Open Google Handwriting Input utility using icon.

Open Settings

Click on Input Languages. Uncheck the "Use system language" option and Select the desired languages that you want to use.

Download the desired language pack.

3. After the language packs for all the selected languages are downloaded add Google Handwriting Input into your system setting. Select Google Handwriting Input and start using it. You can change the languages by using the globe icon and you can write your text using your hand or a Stylus on the writing pad area.

Using Google Handwriting Input is fun. Its very easy, convenient and saves a lot of time.

That's all dear friends. Enjoy and enhance your Android experience with 'Google Handwriting Input'.

Comments and Suggestion are welcomed.

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